Affordable Modern Websites

Building a website is not enough

WebXMedia is a Calgary Web Design and Development Agency specialized in Branding, Designing and Developing great products with passion and involvement.

We're not only building or redesigning websites but we're finding solutions solving your problems while providing cost effective services suiting the budgets of many small and medium businesses.

Having a professionaly designed website where all the technical details are counted, with an attractive look and personalized for your needs is a very important achievement nowadays.

We always plan, research, design, review, iterate, develop, test, deploy, launch, evaluate, maintain and support our customers' products.

At WebXMedia we know you're paying way too much for the web services and the amount of functionalities you can get hence why we care about your Expenses and Return of Investment!


80% Web Design
65% Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign
90% HTML 5
90% CSS3 | SCSS
75% JavaScript and jQuery
70% CodeIgniter | Laravel | Bootstrap | Wordpress
85% PHP Development
90% Quality Assurance


Responsive, Dynamic and Mobile Friendly Websites
No matter how you're viewing your website, is it a PC, Laptop, Tablet or your Mobile Phone, it will always work and look GREAT! That's why it is being called Dynamic and Responsive
Modify your website the way you want and need. Add or remove entire sections, fill it in with text, add or delete the images, create pages or edit anything else you need.
All this is possible by using a so called Content Management System and this is what gives you the full control over your website.
Electronic Commerce - not a problem at all. If you're in need of such a feature then we can assure you that it'll be secure and will work the way you need - you'll receive your payments in time and always.
Live Chatting isn't a must but it is a great future to add to your website and this is not the only one. There are tons of other cool, nice, great, whatever you call them Features on the web which can make your website more attractive to your customers
We have over eight years of QA Experience so you won't have to worry at all.
We'll test your product in depth as this is an extremely important part of Software's Life Cycle. Having the application working correctly is what we'll all be expecting.